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About Deviant Mel19/Female/United States Groups :iconmikumiku-salon: MikuMiku-Salon
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Kawaii Button: Request Open by miemie-chan3 Note me if you want a model made. Must have a reference image. :) even if its poorly drawn. I dont mind.

About R18 items
(YES I make these)
:bulletpink: If you want a R-18 item or base PM me.

:bulletpink: for a base choose one from my gallery OR ask to see some 3DCG screenshots

:bulletpink: for a item PM me asking what you want,I'll see what I can do.

:bulletpink: plz remember not all MMD users are 18,so USE MATURE CONTENT FILTERS OR post on others sites BESIDES Deviantart

Links and Help vids (UGH THESE ARE SO OLD 3+ YEARS OLD sorry if they are bad.

:bulletpink: PMD Editor -…

:bulletpink: -Help vids (all vids are mine yes my derpy voice B4 you ask its not a accent..)

:bulletpink: Adding Items -…

:bulletpink: Adding X Files (IF YOU WANT TO USE MY ADD ONS LEARN THIS)…

:bulletpink: Adding Textures -…

:bulletpink: Adding Spa/Sph files -…

:bulletpink: How to make items transparent…


:bulletpink: About MMD items

:bulletpink: From 3DCG or other models

:bulletpink: all items are "legal"

:bulletpink: Requests - I kinda do them.


:bulletpink: FAQ

:bulletpink:were can I get 3DCG - Idk...a torrent or sumthing... lol

:bulletpink:how do I add mods? - bleh

:bulletpink:how do I add these items to a model - .PMD Editor

:bulletpink: Can you make the chest Bigger / Smaller? - depends on the items,some items in my gallery cant have bigger chests (items in Loli land tend to be this way) but yes I can adjust any chest size,but take this counts as a request so,it may or may not be done.


About My MMD items and 3DCG game
Well,I SEEM (im not sure) to be the only MMD uploader who actually has the 3D Custom Girl game,so im able to slightly edit things (chest szie and such)

and I also seem to be the only one to upload some sexy-ish stuff 0 - 0 lol





Journal History

Like AB chan? dosent need to be as crazy realistic. I just wanted a MMD model or face with asian facial features and less completely anime styled ones.


United States
Obviously female /19 /bisexual /taken af / Spanish and white mix / English / State Board Certified Nail Tech(manicurist,nail salon worker) / 420/
Kawaii Button: Request Open by miemie-chan3

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